Just Imagine...

Imagine you have an important meeting after two days and hectic pressure in the office. You have to meet your fiance for a candle-lit dinner. Two separate events, but one thing remains the same, you have to look good! Here's the problem:  You've got half a dozen good outfits to wear to the office: Five are lying dirty at the bottom of your laundry hamper, and you've just dribbled mustard all down the front of your last shirt!!

If only there was time to run out to the dry cleaner and then time to pick up the outfits, but who has time to do all of that?

We do!

The Solution: Fresh N Clean! A laundry/ dry-cleaning pickup and delivery service.

Fresh N Clean Operates Like Uber? How?

Fresh N Clean is a laundry/dry cleaning delivery platform that acts as an intermediary between customers and laundrymats and/or dry cleaners. You can place an order either through our website or our app, a Fresh Valet will be dispatched to collect your clothes.

Fresh N Clean services will accommodate customers' needs at an adequate, quality, and reasonable price. Costumers clothes will be delivered back to the them Fresh "N" Cleaned within 24-48 hours. 

Our Core Values:

F-Flexible- With so many things that happen on a day-to-day basis, rest assured that Fresh N Clean takes the stress out of laundry day so you focus on more exciting things...Like that new recipe you’ve been waiting to try out.

R-Responsibility- We partner with local laundromats throughout the city with a belief that these partnerships are key for local businesses, old and new, to thrive!

E-Excellence- We take pride in our work-from when we first pick up your garments to when we deliver. Your garments are an expression of you-we aim to take the hassle as to HOW your laundry will get done and focus more on the WHEN you’ll be able to wear fresh, clean, clothes.

S-Satisfaction-If you find yourself not happy with the condition of your garments, we’ll reimburse your order 100%* (Have an asterisk that links to our terms and conditions when it comes to how and why we will reimburse)

H-Honesty- We insist on providing our customers with unmatched care when it comes to their garments. We also invite honest and consistent feedback from our customers as to the quality of our work.